Back-up Foster Care

We define a Back-up Carer as someone who has been identified by a foster carer (either during their assessment process or once they are an approved foster carer) and who can step in and will care for the children placed with these foster carers when needed.

Back-up foster carers are usually friends and family of the main foster carer. They are part of that foster carers own support network.

We ask that Back-up carers are able to look after children in placement for periods of time ranging from a weekend (two nights) to up to four weeks.

Back-up foster carers do have to be assessed in relation to their potential as carers who can step in to help the main foster carers. This is an assessment that we undertake once a potential Back-up Foster Carer has been identified.

Thinking about being a Back-up carer?

Back-up Foster Carers are approved to look after foster children in the main carers home or in their own home. Usually children are cared for in a home environment that they are familiar with.

To become a Back-up Foster Carer you will go through an assessment process that is similar to the one that the main foster carers you will be working with will have gone through.  You will speak with a social worker. Usually this is the social worker who supports the main foster carers who you will be supporting.

Once the assessment and checks are completed, you will be approved to provide back-up care support for specific named foster carers only. 

If you think you could provide back-up care, have a chat with your friends and family who foster to find out more. They may even approach you to talk about joining their support network first!

Find out more about what our foster carers have to say

Enjoy every moment of fostering...

"I’ve really enjoyed every moment of fostering over the last year or so. I’ve learned and found new understandings of other cultures and faiths. The implications for me are that there are always interesting and valuable lessons to be gained from all of our children."

We feel part of team...

"We have fostered for FCC for six years and have always had fantastic support and guidance from all the staff. I think it is easy to bring up issues and concerns on a regular basis, but forget to give more positive comments. We feel part of a team and I think that speaks volumes for the quality of the service FCC provides."

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