Become a foster carer in Bolton

Fostering happens in Bolton when a child goes to live with a foster carer because they cannot live with their own family. Whatever the reasons are for this, it’s a difficult time and they need plenty of support, care and understanding to help them.

Our local foster carers live within 30 miles of the centre of Bolton. We are part of a network across Greater Manchester that helps make sure that children can remain living in an area that they know, especially if they are not able to live with their own family.

Would you like to become a foster carer and help provide a nurturing, caring home for children in and around Bolton?

Join The Foster Care Charity and become a foster carer. Help change the lives of local children every single day. 


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Speak to our team

If you’d like to have a chat about fostering and see if it’s right for you, please get in touch.  Send us your details and someone from our local team will get back to you as soon as we can

Start your fostering journey!

Different Types of Foster Care

Types of foster care offered locally include short term fostering, long term fostering, respite foster care and providing support for young unaccompanied asylum-seeking children. You can choose which type of fostering suits your household, your skills and your lifestyle.

The Process to Get Approved

From the first point that you talk to us, to the moment when you are approved as a foster carer, we are there to support you. Through assessments, home visits, filling out application forms, doing background checks and skills to foster training, we are on the journey with you.

How We Support You

As a foster carer you are not just left on your own! You will be assigned your own locally based, supervising Social Worker who will get to know you, your family and the young people you look after. You'll also be part of a support group with other local foster carers from the area.

How Long Does The Process Take?

From your first application to being approved to have children in your home as a foster carer, it takes at least 6 months. It can be longer or shorter depending on your personal circumstances, what your experience and support needs are, plus factors like completing skills to foster training.

No Special Qualifications?

You don't need experience or qualifications

We provide a full training programme which we support and guide you through. This will equip you with the skills, knowledge and understanding to care and work with children.

Own or Rent Your Home?

You do need a spare bedroom in your home

To be a foster carer you must have at least one spare bedroom for children you look after.  You can own your home or pay rent.  Your landlord may need to know that you are a foster carer.

Over 21 Years Old?

You need to be over 21 to be a foster carer

There is no ideal age to become a foster carer. You just need to be over the age of 21. You also can be single, married or in a relationship, employed or retired.

Live Locally Near Bolton?

You should ideally live within 30 miles

Our goal is to help children live locally where possible.  You may live in a town or village nearby.  We support the local authorities to be able to provide local foster families. 

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