We are Ambitious for children

We are dedicated to putting children first, ensuring their needs remain at the heart of our decisions. Operating solely for their benefit and never for profit.

Disillusioned by what was offered to children in care, and the support given to Foster Carers, we set up as a not-for-profit co-operative in 1999 from a small office in Worcestershire. Since then, we have grown and transitioned a fully registered charity providing fostering across the Midlands, Eastern counties, Northwest England, Yorkshire, Bristol & the Southwest

We have a network of wonderful foster carers across the country from Hull down to Bristol and from Hereford across to Norwich. We are proud to be a charity with a culture of cooperation, where caregivers and staff work together to make a difference in children’s lives.

Our Vision

“To make a positive impact on children’s lives and enable them to achieve their full potential, have a sense of belonging, and grow as individuals.”


Morally Driven

Ambitious for Children

Collaborative Partners

Inclusivity & Fairness


• Kindness and respect for caregivers, children, and staff
• Celebrating diversity and promoting equal opportunities
• Open, honest communication for meaningful connections
• Transparency, kindness, and fairness in policies
• Shaping a future of genuine "Inclusivity & Fairness"

Child Centred

• Every child deserves the best start in life
• Delivering excellent children's social care
• Nurturing aspirations for a brighter future
• Prioritize children and involve them in decision-making
• "Ambitious for Children" is our trusted promise


• Strong moral compass guides our decisions
• We value integrity and and promote behavioural standards
• Objectivity & fairness are prioritised
• Committed to building trust and making a positive impact
• Embracing a "Morally Driven" approach


• Believe in building strong partnerships
• Embrace a culture of cooperation
• Prioritize shared goals over individual interests
• Exchange information, knowledge, and resources
• Committed to success for all as "Collaborative Partners"

Our skilled staff are based all over England and work really hard to create a warm, caring and supportive environment.

They use their skills to train, support and guide our carers from application stage all the way through to being approved with us, and beyond.

Each and every one of them does what they do because they care.

Amazing Foster Carers & Staff

The secret to our success

Our carers are truly remarkable, passionate, caring and committed to making a difference. The many achievements of the children in their care, for which we are so very proud, says it all!

Our Leadership team and Board work hard at supporting our ethos and vision.

Collectively we are an amazing team – together we continue to provide caring homes for children.

Meet the team

Our Senior Leaders

Sam Ram - CEO
Samantha Williams - Head of IT & Business
Barbara Bull - Deputy CEO
Steve Field - Director of Childcare

Our Board of Trustees

Brian O'connell Chair of the Board of Trustees of The Foster Care Charity
Brian O'Connell


Jerry Tudge


Pat Chinneck


Ken Monk


Simon Egerton Trustee of The Foster Care Charity
Simon Egerton


Donna Jackman Trustee of The Foster Care Charity
Donna Jackman


Our Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose 2024 England
The Foster Care Charity

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