RESPITE Fostering (Sleepover Breaks)

Respite fostering is a type of short-term foster care placement where the child or children are placed with a different foster family in order to provide a breather to their current family. 

This type of foster care gives foster parents and foster families a chance to have a short break, which they may require to recharge their energy when taking care of children.

All our FCC foster carers are entitled to a 14-nights of respite annually, should they need it. Respite foster care can be as short as a weekend or as long as a fortnight.

On the whole, we would recommend that you have the same respite foster carers each time you take a break. This is less distressing for the child, as they will familiarise themselves with the respite foster carers, and more time can be focused on welcoming the child back into their home.

Want to become a respite foster carer?

As a respite foster carer, you will have breaks between placements.  And you will know the timing of when you will provide care and when these breaks take place.

This means you can organise your schedule to fit around respite foster care placements.

However, whilst you have a child in placement with you, we will need you to be available to support them at all times, in the same way that their primary foster carer supports them.

We are always looking for foster carers who are willing to adopt the lifestyle of a respite foster carer.  If you are interested to find out more about how to become a respite foster care provider, please contact us for a chat.

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Find out more about what our foster carers have to say

We feel part of team...

"We have fostered for FCC for six years and have always had fantastic support and guidance from all the staff. I think it is easy to bring up issues and concerns on a regular basis, but forget to give more positive comments. We feel part of a team and I think that speaks volumes for the quality of the service FCC provides."

The most rewarding work I have ever done...

"The most rewarding work I’ve ever done has been as a foster carer, caring for my Afghan children. I’ve learned all sorts of things from science to bricklaying – you have to get a grip of things in order to offer help and support."

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