BBC Radio Leeds Fostering Interview with Karen and Mark

Foster Carers, Karen & Mark were invited to BBC Radio Leeds morning show. They share all about fostering and the impact it can have on young people’s lives. 

With 10 year’s of experience fostering many children and young people, Karen and Mark have a lot of insights into what it means to be a foster carer. They really enjoy what they do and have the space to be able to look after sibling groups. Which means they can help brothers and sisters to grow up together as a family.

Karen says: “I really feel as though fostering has enriched my life. Our lives. It’s so fulfilling and rewarding. I know it’s a job, but I don’t look at it as one. It’s my purpose. I love doing it!”

“Fostering gives children the opportunities that they’ve never had before. Being listened to, wanted, and nurtured sets them up for life.” says Mark.

BBC Radio Leeds - meet Karen & Mark, Foster Carers



Moments that make fostering worth it

Being foster carers for many years, Karen and Mark have had their ups and downs. But they choose to focus on the highlights of their fostering journey as it reminds them why they decided to foster in the first place.

One such moment was when they realised just how deprived the children in their care are of basic life experiences. Karen  and Mark know just how much it means to be able to enrich these children’s lives.

Mark says: “I think the difference that fostering makes for children in care is that you’re giving them new experiences all the time. Sometimes they are basic experiences that children their age in ‘normal’ home environments take for granted.”

“For example, we had a 14-year-old boy ask what I was doing when I was scrubbing the barbeque. I said that we were going to have a barbeque that night. And he said he’s always wondered what they looked like.

“It’s crazy how few life experiences children in care have had. Almost everything is a first.”

Find out more about Karen & Mark’s fostering experiences 

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