Inappropriate Image Sharing OnLine – FOSTER PARENT GUIDES

There is a real and growing concern of how many young people find it OK to share inappropriate images online. It is leading to so many becoming vulnerable to potential exploitation, blackmail and harm from a young age, leaving a lasting digital footprint. If you share it, you are involved. It’s time for foster carers and parents to have an important conversation about online safety.  Let’s help children navigate the digital world as safely as possible.

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My Role – Education Specialist

So what does an Education Specialist do as part of an independent foster care agency? It’s a really varied role! Primarily I liaise with  foster carers, placing authorities and individual social workers, to promote educational achievement and provide assistance where difficulties are present. Support at Education Meetings As the Education Specialist it’s my job to

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Celebrating black history month 2023

CELEBRATING BLACK HISTORY MONTH 2023 Throughout this Black History Month, in support of the ‘Celebrating Our Sisters’ 2023 theme, we are highlighting and celebrating incredible Black women who have helped change lives and perceptions. In particular those who have influenced the lives of children and families through their work. Check out more about these women,

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