Neil Morrissey: the voice of FCC

Neil Morrissey with FCC's marketing manager Dan Rosewarne
Neil Morrissey at Global Radio's Leicester Square studios with FCC's Dan Rosewarne

Neil Morrissey: The Voice of FCC National Radio Ads

We are pleased to announce that the wonderful Neil Morrissey is the ‘voice of The Foster Care Co-operative (FCC)’. He is voicing our national radio commercials for 2018-2019 and possibly beyond that.

Neil recorded his voiceovers for the commercials at Global Radio’s Leicester Square studio in London earlier in July.  Also at the recording session to represent FCC was our very own Dan Rosewarne, who handles all our marketing.

Our new radio commercial is actually a poem, written from the point of view of an adult who used to be in care.  After reading it, Neil said he was genuinely moved by the poem, and commented that the FCC are ‘doing a great job’.

Personal experience of being fostered

As a child, Neil was in foster care, and during the recording session he generously opened up to share a little of his own personal experiences of being fostered.

The new radio ads will be live on air nationally in September. They will promote FCC as a not-for-profit, unique and transparent fostering organisation.  Also, we will be promoting our foster carer recruitment events using these commercials.

Steve Field, FCC’s Director of Child Care for England, says: “We are delighted that Neil Morrissey is the ‘voice of FCC’ for our foster carer recruitment campaign.  Neil has a real understanding of the fostering task, being a care leaver himself. As such his passion for raising awareness about the national need for foster carers is clear. And it is what makes him a great ambassador for the fostering sector.”

Award-winning Radio Ads

The Foster Care Co-operative has previously won a radio commercial award, presented by the Wireless Group.  The award winning commercial, is entitled ‘Unseen’. And it features three different actors’ voices, as they chart the emotional journey of a fostered young person all the way to adulthood.  The message of the ad is that through the support of foster carers, children and young people can turn their own lives around.

FCC is a not-for-profit organisation with co-operative status. Because of this it is an organisation that does not advertise for commercial, financial gain.  However, any and all surplus income generated after expenses is ploughed straight back into providing more training and support for our foster carers.

Co-operative becomes The Foster Care Charity

On 1st October 2023 The Foster Care Co-operative became a fully registered charity. The organisation is now known as The Foster Care Charity. Find out more about our transition from co-op to charity...

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