Inappropriate Image Sharing Online – PARENT GUIDES

Did you know that there is a real and growing concern of how many young people find it OK to share inappropriate images online? 

Sharing inappropriate images leaves a lasting digital footprint.  

It means young people are vulnerable to potential exploitation, blackmail and harm from a young age.  And, young people need to know that anyone who shares these images, is involved! It’s time for you as foster carers and parents to have an important conversation about online safety.  

Let’s help children navigate the digital world as safely as possible.

This wall poster is designed to help remind you about the issues and the impact.  It serves to reinforce online safety practices. We encourage you to open conversations among other parents, caregivers, and colleagues on this sensitive issue.

Please do not hesitate to print and display this poster in prominent areas. Ideally place it in locations where you feel other parents and caregivers may have access to see it and learn the impact. This poster can serve as a constant visual reminder of the significance of online safety.

Perhaps you’d like to talk about this issue on social media and help to keep vulnerable children safer. 

You can find out more about this issue on SKIPS Educational website as well as checking out the other support that they provide for foster carers and parents.

SKIPS Educational have a number of guides to help foster parents to keep children safe online.  The guides were developed in collaboration with Home Office Prevent and West Midlands Police and Crime Commission as part of a vital way of keeping children safe online.

If you are concerned with anything you or your child has seen or has been asked to do Skips Safety Net offers more sites to understand safe ways to seek support – find out more via this link: Skips Seek Support

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