Report Remove Tool For Online Nude Images

REPORT REMOVE! Take Down online nude images or video!

Report Remove is a tool that allows young people to report nude images or videos that have been shared online, to see if it is possible to get them taken down.  Developed by NSPCC and IWF and supported by Childline, this tool gives information to young people at every stage of their report about online nude images and provides further help and support where necessary.

“When a young person loses control of a nude image of themselves, it can be very distressing. It’s important that young people don’t feel judged when this happens.”

Having sexual images or videos of your child shared online can be difficult for parents and foster carers too, but there are ways to give support.  If a young person is aged under 18, they can use Report Remove.

How Report Remove Works

Report Remove can help to take down nude or sexual images that include at least one of the following:

  • nude or semi-nude sexual posing
  • someone nude or semi-nude touching themselves in a sexual way
  • any sexual activity involving a child
  • someone hurting someone else sexually
  • sexual activity that includes animals.

Remember, you should never view the image.

Even if you’re not sure whether an image or video will be removed, as a foster carer and parent it’s important to support your young person to use the tool. The list above is only an indication of the type of images and videos that might be removed. The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) will assess the image and try to remove it if they can. Young people can also choose to access emotional support from Childline during the process.

Support your child

There is a lot of information and advice for foster carers and parents to help understand the risks as well as details about how to support your child if they have been sending, sharing or receiving nude images.

Using the tool

Children and young people can access Report Remove on the Childline website in three simple steps below. You can also find out a lot more information on IWF Report Remove page.

    1. Follow the instructions to confirm their age
      Your child may be asked if they want to prove their age using ID.
    2. Log in or create a Childline account
      Childline will let your child know the outcome of their report through their account, and provide further support where needed.
    3. Submit the image or video
      A specialist analyst at IWF will review the nude image or video shared online and work to have it removed if it breaks the law.

Video by NSPCC provides guidance for professionals on REPORT REMOVE

Get more information about REPORT REMOVE on the NSPCC website

Click here to download the NSPCC REPORT REMOVE leaflet

Want to learn more about what you can do to help children and young people who might be involved in sexting and/or sharing naked, semi-naked images, video or text messages?

Get more information via NSPCC Learning – Online Safety 

If you are concerned that your child may have experienced online or you have noticed something worrying.  You can find more guidance for parents and foster carers on the NSPCC Learning site – Online Safety – Responding to Online Abuse.

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