With the new school year firmly underway, its a good time to put online safety back on the agenda.  Foster carers and parents need to consider not just physical child safety but also the steps to take to help ensure children’s safety in the digital world.

Safer Online Practices

As the internet and social media act as the gateway to the adult world, children are accessing online platforms more and more, and from an early age.  Although they are growing up computer literate they are innocent and without the lifeskills to recognise potential dangers. 

This poster issued by SKIPS Educational is designed to highlight safer online practices and encourage open conversations amongst foster carers, parents and young people.

“Online safety is when young people know who they can tell if they feel upset by something that has happened online.”


Online Safety Guides for Foster Carers and Parents

As a foster carer or parent you often worry about how to keep children safe online but you don’t always know how to help.  Click the links below to access Skips Safety Net Parent Guides and resources on a range of topics so you too can help keep kids safe in a digital world.

1. A Parent’s Guide to Social Media

2. A Parent’s Guide to Online Grooming

3. A Parent’s Guide to Live Streaming

4. A Parent’s Guide to Gaming

5. A Parent’s Guide to Fake News

6. A Parent’s Guide to Sharing Pictures

7. A Parent’s Guide to Online Influencers

8. A Parent’s Guide to Privacy Settings

Developed to help keep children safe online
were developed by SKIPS Educational in collaboration with Home Office Prevent and West Midlands Police and Crime Commission.  They are part of vital work to help keep children safe online.

Are you concerned with anything you or your child has seen or has been asked to do? Skips Safety Net offers more help to understand safe ways to seek support. Find out more via this link: Skips Seek Support

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