Pride for Hull Foster Dads

Hull-based Lee and Stewart are a married couple and dads to five children – aged from 2 to 16. As foster dads they feel they can give back to the community and make a difference to the lives of children and young people.

“Fostering, it’s not just a job, we get to be dads 24/7!”

As foster carers Stewart and Lee have the skills and compassion to help vulnerable children. Whether that means helping them ultimately reunite with their biological families or find a new forever home.

“The pride we feel from watching children in our care grow is the most amazing thing.”

Stewart says: “if fostering is ‘just a job’ then it’s the “best job in the world!” He continued, “we get to watch them grow, develop and become the people that they were meant to be, rather than them being defined by whatever issue caused them to have a rough start in life.”

There’s always room for more in Stewart and Lee’s hearts and home.

A family affair: involving the whole household 

Lee and Stewart knew that fostering couldn’t be a decision that they made solely as a pair and that they needed to involve the whole family.

Lee says: “It’s important that our family is part of the process. They have to be happy and onboard because they’ve got to deal with the emotion too. Not just the emotions involved in children coming into our care, but children moving on. It’s a whole family process for us, it’s not just the two of us.”

The couple say that their children have been an incredible asset in the fostering process.  Lee continues:

“To see our children interact with any children we’ve got in our care and how they take them under their wing and just treat them like they are any other sibling is wonderful and it’s amazing to see.”

Find out more about Stewart & Lee’s experiences as foster dads 

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