Foster Care chat with Trisha on TALKTV

Steve Field, our Director of Child Care along with our Yorkshire based foster carers Karen and Mark joined Trisha Goddard’s Saturday afternoon TalkTV/ TalkRadio show to discuss the crisis in fostering in the UK.

With one child in need of a foster family, entering the UK care system every 15 minutes, there simply are not enough families to meet the demand.

Steve shares with the TalkTV audience about why fostering is important and how it can help give children the best possible start in life. Being part of a caring, supportive family has such a positive impact for so many – no matter what age they enter foster care.

Karen & Mark have been foster carers for 10 years and in that time have helped many children and young people. They explain what it means to them to be able to provide the nurturing and support that vulnerable children need and how its really enriched their lives.

Interview with Trisha Goddard TalkTV

A Crisis in Foster Care 

The number of children in care in the UK is rising. In fact, there are now over 100,000 in the system – with one child every 15 minutes in need of a home. But with just 53,000 foster families across the country, there is a desperate need for more.

Foster Care Fortnight (13th-26th May) is the UK’s biggest annual campaign for raising awareness of fostering and showing the wonderful impact it can have on children’s lives. After all, every child deserves the best start in life.

“Fostering Moments” is the theme of this year’s campaign – celebrating defining moments, however big or small, that create lasting memories for children and their new families. This could be the first time a young person hugs their foster carer or perhaps the first time they see the sea. 

The Foster Care Charity (FCC) is ambitious for children; We encourage people to consider being foster carers.  Through the support of our experienced team they will be able to truly make a difference to children’s lives. Our commitment is to ensure that our activities help create opportunities for these special fostering moments that a child and foster carer will treasure forever.

As a charity we operate entirely for the benefit of the children and not for profit, unlike other fostering agencies. So, what better time than Foster Care Fortnight to highlight the life-changing work that we continue to provide. Since 1999, we have been a source of long-term, stable foster care for vulnerable children in need of safe, loving homes

Hear from our Foster Carers about their #fosteringmoments 

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