Child Accident Prevention

In support of the Child Accident Prevention Trust #ChildSafetyWeek we want to share tips and resources that you can access to help children lead active, healthy lives, safe from serious injury. #SafetySorted  

On the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT) website you’ll find lots of downloadable resources and easy to understand videos on a wide range of topics.  You can also sign up to receive safety alerts and top tips via email from CAPT. 

For parents and foster carers with children 0-2 years old, CAPT offers a one-step ahead wallchart which matches a child’s age and development to hazards in the home.

Safety Advice on a Wide Range of Topics

You and your family should feel confident that, with one small change, you can stop a serious accident. And be clear what you need to do to keep children in your care safe. Build your confidence and skills in managing real risks to children’s safety. Help give children the freedom to grow and learn, safe from serious harm. Check out the advice from Child Accident Prevention Trust on these safety issues.

Safe From Choking

Choking usually tops the list of parents’ fears when it comes to accidents. Knowing some simple steps to take puts you in the driving seat and helps reduce the worry. Find out about foods to avoid, what to cut up and dangerous toys and objects.

E-Bikes & E-Scooters: Fire Safety Tips

E-bikes, e-scooters and hoverboards are becoming increasingly popular. But the lithium-ion batteries they’re powered by can start fires that spread quickly and are difficult to extinguish.  Find out ways you can reduce the risk of fire.

Dogs & Children: Safe & Happy Together

Dogs and children can be great friends. But it’s important that parents learn how to keep children safe around dogs, to protect both child and dog. Find out tips to help keep them safe and happy together.

Injuries from Magnets

Super strong magnets can rip through a child’s gut if they swallow them, causing life-threatening injuries.  Find out more about steps to prevent injury.

In-Car Safety

Car seats can be mind-boggling! How do you know if you’ve got the right seat for your child and for your car? When should you move them to the next stage? Get advice from CAPT on in-car safety.

Poisoning Prevention

Suspected poisoning is one of the most common reasons for young children to be taken to A&E. Every day, 15 young children are admitted into hospital because it’s thought they’ve swallowed something poisonous. Find out safety steps to take to prevent poisoning.

Find out more?

Want more information to help you prevent common accidents and to keep children safe?  Baby and toddler safety advice from the NHS NSPCC – a leading charity for child protection giving advice on how to help keep children safe from abuse, neglect, online risks, mental health issue and more

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