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This July, we’re excited to launch the Foster Care Charity’s 496 Challenge. It’s a month-long event where each participant commits to running every day, aiming to cover a total of 496 kilometers. We’re raising vital funds for support activities for foster carers and their families.

Foster carers are remarkable individuals who dedicate themselves daily to providing vulnerable children with safe and loving homes. Their commitment is inspiring, but it comes with many challenges, especially given the complex needs of the children they care for. That’s where we come in—to ensure foster carers have the support, skills, knowledge, and resilience they need to provide the best possible care.

By participating in FCC’s 496 Challenge or making a donation, you’ll be directly supporting essential activities for foster carers and foster families. This includes therapeutic skills training, well-being programmes, 24/7 support services, family activities and resources that empower our foster carers to thrive in their roles.

Every kilometer run and every donation made brings us closer to enhancing the lives of our foster carers and the children they support. Whether you decide to lace up your running shoes or contribute financially, your involvement makes a significant impact.

Let’s join forces to support our foster carers and ensure every child has the opportunity to grow up in a loving and supportive home.

Who's Doing FCC's 496 Challenge?

What is the 496 Challenge?

Invented by Sean Conway, the 496 Challenge is a running event, where you run 1km on the first of the month, 2km on the 2nd day of the month and so on.  By the end of the month (if 31 days) you will have run a total of 496km.  Which is the equivalent of just under 12 Marathons.

There are 4 variations of the 496 Challenge and our fundraisers are doing the classic challenge.  They will run consecutively every day of the month, with the distances increasing by 1km each day.

Donate & Share: Help get the word out about FCCs 496 Challenge and show your support to our fundraising team by making a donation.  We’ve set up a JustGiving page to make it easy for everyone to show their support.

FCC’s 496 Challenge 2024 – JustGiving

Become a Fundraiser: If you would like to do your own version of the 496 Challenge in July and help raise funds, we’d love to have you on our team. Go to the FCC 496 JustGiving Page – FCC’s 496 Challenge 2024 – JustGiving and click on the orange button that says “START FUNDRAISING”.  This will allow you to create your own fundraising page, linked to this challenge.  You can edit the information and write about why you are getting involved.  And you don’t have to run – perhaps you want to commit to walking 4.96km every day in July – or swimming 496 laps of the pool during the month – or 496 dog walks…

You can customise your fundraising page to explain what you are doing, and it will be linked to the overall FCC 496 Challenge 2024. Any funds raised via your JustGiving page will be counted towards the FCC 496 Challenge overall target of £3000.

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